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Class Descriptions

Nursery School
The CityKids Nursery Program engages children in a play-based, child-centered, emergent curriculum that integrates a combination of the foremost approaches to early childhood education including, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori. 
Our program is for children between one and four, with four classrooms spread over two locations. 
Parents interested in our nursery school should make an appointment to learn more or schedule a tour.
English Lessons
Our English lessons are educational, creative and fun. Children learn in small groups, with highly trained professional teachers who will guide your child to achieve new skills and confidence in Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Literary Appreciation while simultaneously nurturing critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. 

Our curriculum develops language skills cumulatively through each level, giving children an opportunity to develop important language skills based around varied topics and themes such as, All about me; Real Life versus Fantasy; Morals etc. The aim is not just to improve children’s skills in reading and writing, but also to give them the ability to communicate and improve their understanding of how language works. 
Seasonal Workshops
CityKids workshop series offers children of all ages a chance for a mix of fun and learning in English across different skills. Schedules vary throughout the year in order to give your children an opportunity to try out a variety of classes including everything from dance, music, Mess it Up!, cooking, science, yoga, karate and a whole lot more.

Discover our colorful space and bring your child to our weekly educational playgroup to give your child their first classroom experience and a chance to meet new friends. Our activities encourage children to develop emotionally, socially, physically and linguistically as they learn about the world around them through sensory art, movement, exploration of nature, play, story time and music.

Our 'tzaharon' (after school program) is a fun and educational English speaking environment where children (ages 3-8) are transported from school to spend the afternoon in our facility. Our intimate program exposes children to engaging activities that strengthen their language proficiency. Daily activities include: sports, yoga, music, art, cooking, nature and much more!

English as a foreign language (EFL)
CityKids has launched a brand new EFL curriculum that teaches non‐English speaking children vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar across four levels in line with the Ministry of Education standards. Children work in small groups with a qualified EFL teacher to gain confidence communicating in English in a fun and methodical way. To register your child for EFL class, call send an email to hi@tlvcitykids.co.il.