The CityKids Nursery Program engages children in a play-based, child-centered, emergent curriculum that integrates a combination of the foremost approaches to early childhood education. 



Our program is for children between 6 months through kindergarten, with five classrooms.

NOTE: Our program is licensed by the Ministry of Social Services and the Ministry of Education.

Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 8:00-16:30. Optional Fridays for children 2+.

OUR Philosophy


At CityKids, we believe curriculum includes everything that happens during our time together with the children. Each moment offers an opportunity to explore relationships and to create a community that nurtures children, teachers, and families. At the heart of our approach lies the belief that children are competent, curious, and full of emerging ideas and creativity. 


Our teachers provide warm settings where children are engaged in play-based, child-centered learning that supports social, emotional, physical and cognitive development with respect to their individual needs. Our goal is to create an environment where each child develops a greater sense of self, a respect for others and a life long love of learning.

2022-2023 Birthday Cut Off

Pre-K and Kindergarten: 2017 & 2018 (2:20 ratio)

Four's: 2019 (2:18 ratio)

Three's: 2020 (3:16 ratio)

Two's: 2021 (3:15 ratio)

One's: 2022 (January to April) (2:8 ratio)


Tour Dates

We welcome all families interested in our program to take the first step in applying to our program which includes watching our virtual tour. The tour will provide an opportunity to learn more about our school, tuition, policies and observe our program in action. Watch our VIRTUAL TOUR here!


Application Process

Digital applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 



There are three main qualities when accepting children into our program. Firstly, we hope to have a spread of birthdays with children born between January to December. Secondly, we aim to have an equal number of boys and girls and lastly, in order to ensure strong English language acquisition we are conscious of home languages, prioritizing children who are already exposed to English. Families will be notified by February 10th whether they have been offered placement, or a place on our waiting list.